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Warranty / Wear and Care

Warranty / Wear and Care

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South West Orthopedic Designs takes pride in its workmanship, and it strives to manufacture your custom molded braces for lower extremities to the highest possible standards.


Any breakage of the flexible laminating portion of the brace for up to one year. Any defect in the workmanship or durability of the consumable portion of the brace (straps, velcro, laces, material) for up to six months.


During the warranty period, if the brace is found to be defective (in material or workmanship), we will replace or repair at our discretion.


South West Orthopedic Designs will require an original invoice from our providing facility before instituting any repair or exchange under this warranty. All returns or replacements require prior return authorization from South West Orthopedic Designs.

Please call South West Orthopedic Designs at (480) 703-9433 for authorization.


This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.


Damage caused by accident, misuse or abuse are not covered. Some examples include: wearing the brace without proper footwear; abusive cleaning methods (see Wear and Care section for proper cleaning); incorrect or incomplete information on the workorder. Braces that have been altered or repaired by someone other than South West Orthopedic Designs or our authorized facility.

Any other warranties other than those described or listed above or from any person or entity other than South West Orthopedic Designs, whether implied or otherwise, shall not be binding on South West Orthopedic Designs.

Wear and Care

Your Orthotist would have shown you how to put on and remove the South West AFO at the time of your first fitting. The South West AFO must be worn with a shoe since its effectiveness is designed as such. Lace or Velcro the AFO first, and then place it in the shoe using a shoe horn if necessary.

Always wear a sock, stocking, or similar garment under the South West AFO to reduce friction and protect from perspiration. Remember to keep the sock wrinkle-free without placing excess pressure on the toes. Using talcum powder and changing the sock promptly after perspiration buildup will also keep you more comfortable. Natural fiber socks, such as cotton, allow better air circulation and absorption of perspiration.

It's important to maintain the same shoe heel height for which your South West AFO was designed. Excessive height strains your knees and back creating instability. Heels which are too low may also cause knee and back pain. As we have explained, shoes worn with an orthosis should provide sufficient support: slippers, sandals, flip-flops and loafers may be inappropriate, depending on your foot and ankle condition.

Patients with the South West AFO should check regularly for signs of skin pressure and irregular shoe wear. Check with your Orthotist if you have any questions or concerns.

Self- Examination

Your South West AFO was custom made to fit you properly and provide the greatest degree of comfort. Follow your orthotist's instructions regarding the length of time to wear the South West AFO as you build-up your tolerance.

A properly fitting orthosis (AFO) exerts a firm, steady pressure, similar to an open-palm hand pushing against the skin. It should not cause any sharp, stabbing pain or create bruises, calluses or blisters. Should this occur, call your Orthotist immediately and arrange an appointment for the adjustment.

Occasionally, extended periods of standing and hot/humid weather will result in some swelling. Remove the orthosis (AFO) and elevate your leg until the swelling subsides. If it persists or becomes painful, notify your Orthotist at once.

It is also important to maintain a relatively consistent weight. Your orthosis was custom designed for your weight and physical dimensions, and extreme weight gain or loss may cause improper fit. You will need to visit your orthotist if this should occur. Growing children and adolescents should be monitored at regular intervals to maintain proper fit.

Daily examination of skin in contact with the orthosis should become a habit. People with Diabetes, vascular insufficiently or neuropathy are especially
vulnerable to skin irritation, particularly in bony areas including the bottoms of feet. Extra care should be taken and even minor skin irritations should be treated promptly.

Proper Hygiene

It makes sense to keep both your orthosis (AFO) and yourself as clean as possible. Any skin covered by the orthosis should be washed daily with warm water and mild soap. Generous rinsing ensures removal of all lather since dried soap irritates the skin. Thoroughly clean the bottoms of your feet and between the toes to avoid bacteria and dirt collections. The skin should be completely dry before wearing the orthosis. Again, wearing a sock or stocking with your orthosis is recommended. Your South West Ankle Brace should be cleaned regularly with ½ alcohol and ½ water using a clean cotton towel. Do not attempt to hasten drying by using a hair dryer or placing the appliance in front of a heater. Your orthosis may be towel-dried or left to dry at room temperature. Talcum powder will help prevent odors.

If any part of your (AFO) brace becomes cracked or broken, make an appointment to see your orthotist and bring it in for repair. Worn material portions should also be repaired. If further assistance is needed, contact your provider.




"These AFOs are the best thing that has ever happened to my feet."
Tammy Stanley, Virginia

"The patient loved it. The MD loved it."
Hanger P&O, Philadelphia, PA

"The brace was gorgeous!! Fit great on patient...she is very happy!! Thank you very much."
J. L. LaRocco, Plymouth Mtg., PA





















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